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Octo Campus CRM

A one-of-a-kind Customer Relationship Management platform tailored for overseas education clients and agencies involved in facilitating study abroad opportunities. It serves as a centralized platform to efficiently manage student information, streamline application processes, automate


Audio Prints is a monitoring company serving the advertisers, advertising agencies and media houses with real time intelligence on radio. AUDIOPRINTS works on in-house developed hardware and software, based on Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

Trend Tracker

In the modern landscape of contests and competitions, effective message evaluation and unbiased winner selection are crucial. That's why we proudly present TRENDTRACKER – a comprehensive portal designed to seamlessly assess incoming messages from

News Portal

Your Comprehensive News Aggregation and Dissemination Solution

Dealer Display Contest Portal

In the competitive business landscape, effective product promotion is crucial. Dealer Display Contest Portal – a cutting-edge online platform designed to empower dealers of your company to actively participate in a rewarding contest.

Spin N Win Rewards

In a competitive market, customer engagement is paramount. The Spin & Win Rewards Hub turns routine purchases into exhilarating experiences, enhancing customer loyalty and brand interaction. As your customers engage with the spin wheel

Gift Management System

Immerse yourself in South Indian hits through our 24/7 online radio streaming.

Community Radio

Our Community radio solution offers the perfect avenue to establish a vibrant campus radio station with seamless online streaming capabilities


Seamlessly Manage Invites, Registrations, and Attendance"– an innovative portal designed to streamline the entire process of inviting prospective customers and dealers to your upcoming events or company meets. With EventConnect, you can send personalized

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